Welcome to my online portfolio. I hope you are able to spend a little time to poke around and learn a little about me as a teacher. I’ve tried to include as much information as I could to help you get to know me quickly!

I earned my Education Degree from the University of Alberta and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Music) from Concordia University College in Edmonton, Alberta. I also hold an Honours Certificate in Graphic Communication from N.A.I.T. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).

I’ve been fortunate to have had many roles in a variety of school settings including music specialist, educational assistant, mentor, Junior Achievement facilitator, adult education instructor, school parent association president, and parent volunteer, .

My academic interests are broad. My favourite subject to teach is Music and I also enjoy teaching French as a Second Language (I have a fair amount of university coursework in French). Math is also a strength for me and I was honored when my math instructor encouraged me to submit one of my assignments to the ATA Math Specialty Council for publication!

I invite you to peruse this little blog to check me out and learn what an asset I could be as part of your school community.

Joanna Torguson

Gallery – photos of my students and singers at work and play

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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